U.S. Cellular

Product Specifications


Standard Car Charger [TOP]

Standard VPA (car charger)


  • Posi-mold, poly-carbonate plastic construction
  • Ultra sonic sealing
  • Intelligent (step down) charging circuitry
  • Out-performs competitors' self-described premium chargers
  • 7.5 ft. long and 3.5mm thick coil cord
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty

Premium Car Charger [TOP]

Titan VPA (car charger) - Titan Series


  • Posi-mold, poly-carbonate plastic construction
  • Ultra sonic sealing
  • True intelligent (step down) charging circuitry
  • Enhanced strain relief
  • Button style contacts
  • Secure, tamper resistant design
  • 10 ft. long and 4.0mm thick coil cord
  • Triple current protection
  • Double sided all dip SMT (Surface Mounted Technology)
  • Catastrophic failure protection
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty

Standard Home Chargers [TOP]

Standard A/C (Home/Office) Charger


  • Intelligent charging
  • 110v - 220v compatible
  • Designed to accommodate the charging requirements of Lithium Ion batteries (also, properly charges NiCad & NiMH batteries)
  • CE Approved
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty

Premium Home Chargers [TOP]

Premium A/C (Home/Office) Charger - Titan Series


  • Industry standard TC (travel charger)
  • Heavy duty poly-carbonate plastic construction
  • Rapid, intelligent charging
  • High end design appeal
  • Extended cord length
  • Folding power contacts
  • 110v - 220v compatible
  • Designed to accommodate the charging requirements of Lithium Ion batteries (also, properly charges NiCad & NiMH batteries)
  • UL Approved
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty

Li-ion Batteries [TOP]

Lithium Ion Batteries


  • Highest manufacturing standards
  • Advanced technology in a smaller and lighter weight form factor
  • Fast to market for new handsets
  • Climate controlled warehousing
  • Extended talk / stand by times
  • Highest performance guaranteed
  • Only the highest quality Japanese and LG cells used
  • WAU batteries feature SRP Circuit Protectors, Poly Switch Strap, Insulation Stickers.
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty




  • Available in premium lambskin leather (provide a glove-like fashionable appeal), high quality calf skin leather (sofa leather feel), standard leather (great value), nylon (for heavy duty usage) & scuba style (advanced high tech design & look)
  • Genuine leather cases offer an available more economical alternative to the lambskin product line
  • Handset specific and designed with the highest attention to detail
  • Manufactured using top grade materials and computerized assembly techniques
  • Designed to accommodate extended battery sizes
  • Plastic facing for handset protection
  • Optionally useful as a holster
  • Available with a durable swivel belt clip
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty




  • High quality and durable
  • Swivel belt clip available
  • Multiple sizes fit clamshell & candy bar phones
  • Provide an attractive and stylish carrying solution for current handsets in leather, nylon, mesh or hydro foam material
  • WAU's Platinum Warranty


Hands Free Solutions[TOP]



Hands-Free Headsets

Standard - With safety and convenience dominating the wireless industry news, a WAU hands free headset is the way to guarantee your customers' satisfaction. Our standard ear bud is the answer for clear and crisp sound quality in an ear bud or boom configuration.

Titan- And when your customer is looking to step up to even better performance, WAU fits the need perfectly with a stylish and premium designed hands free solution. With increased sensitivity and directional microphone, these pieces are sure to be a hit as well as having a successful retail appeal.